The Drivve Ecosystem

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Integrated system architecture is the key to success

Initially, the focus of Drivve was on Document Management. That is why our product Drivve | DM offers you a modern, powerful and audit-proof environment to find your documents and spaces, to manage and archive them and to integrate them into simple business processes.

Especially in the field of process optimization and revision safety we expanded our system by a robust and scalable scan solution which allows to digitalize even paper-bound documents and to use them in many ways. The document import is seamlessly integrated into our document management system. On the side there are various options to integrate other, already existing or upcoming structures, which have turned Drivve | Image into a worldwide successful product - even as a stand-alone solution.

On top of that, projects, which were in need of an integrated solution for secure printing as well as management and optimization of print volumes in combination with a feature-rich scan solution, caught our interest. In order to keep our promise to provide our customers with a comprehensive ecosystem of integrated solutions, we added Drivve | Print to our portfolio.

Today we can look back to long-time experience and many satisfied customers using our Drivve solutions for scanning, document management, workflow and print management – as stand-alone solutions or the integrated ecosystem.

Benefit from our seamlessly integrated Drivve solutions, relieve existing resources and experience a whole new quality of your daily processes – for the success of your company.


One unique aspect of the Drivve Ecosystem is the concept, to offer you three innovative, award-winning software solution coming from a single source: Drivve | Image (scan solution), Drivve | DM (document management system) and Drivve | Print (print management).

With Drivve solutions you can design comprehensive processes, from the reception of a document by email, PDF or mail via distribution management, archiving and management of documents, data and user rights all the way to long-term preservation or output of the captured information by printing, a temporary link or transfer to a third-party system. And you never lose control over efforts, costs and of course any kind of work on your business data – also, you will identify the right strategy for optimizing your document-bound processes.

With Drivve | Image you can optimize your work processes through intelligent capture, read-out, processing and distribution of documents and contained information - with a maximum of security. Customized profiles allow the initialization of multi-layered scan and distribution processes at the push of a button.

  • Blank page deletion & image cleaning
  • Easy handling on the device
  • OCR Recognition
  • Seamless integration in Drivve | DM
  • Bar code recognition
  • Fax server integration

For more information regarding Drivve | Image, please visit the Drivve | Image section on this website or contact our sales team.

Drivve | DM makes it possible to index, archive, search, find and distribute documents from any PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone. Benefit from a powerful document management, transparent workflows thanks to an integrated process management and certified archiving.

  • Archiving & Document Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Revision safety & data protection
  • File management
  • Mobile solution
  • Intuitive user management

For more information regarding Drivve | DM, please visit the Drivve | DM section on this website or contact our sales team.

Drivve | Print is the print solution for sending print jobs from your workplace or a mobile device to a printer or MFP of your choice. Also, Drivve | Print allows you to control and account all activities at the device.

  • Easy and secure printing
  • Supports email printing
  • User authentication
  • Encrypted authentication
  • Comprehensive cost transparency
  • Easy guest access

For more information regarding Drivve | Print, please visit the Drivve | Print section on this website or contact our sales team.

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