Distribution Model

Independent but yet in good hands

Mutual trust, continuity and reliability are the basis for our long-term oriented partnerships. If you are considering including our Drivve products in your portfolio, we would be happy to explain the possibilities of a Drivve resellership under those prerequisites to you.

As a Drivve Reseller you distribute, implement and provide training for Drivve products. You receive the software from one of our Drivve distributors and then enter into an individual contract with your customer. Whether you prefer to sell, rent or lease our software to your customers, it is all up to you.

In order to prepare you for this task, we will not only teach you the technical aspects of our software solutions but also support you with telephone support, computer-based fault diagnostics, a ticket-system for support cases, sales support provided by a Drivve sales manager who is responsible for your area and marketing materials.

The Drivve Ecosystem allows you to get on board with the distribution of software solutions step by step. You will always remain contact person for your customers and will always have an overview and control over sales activities and contracts. Drivve stays in the background – from the second row we will support you and help you generate a margin and success by selling software solutions.

Have more questions? We would be happy to advise you – just send us a message or give us a call!