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Information Overload

Organizations of all sizes are producing more and more raw content, which means more documents. Whether they’re paper based or in digital form, "the page" is still the major source of information that we share, that we work with. In 2007 there was more digital information created than could be stored for the first time, and what was stored wasn’t always well structured, to say the least.

What’s the Deal?

At Drivve, we’re dedicated to steering companies of every size into the Digital Age of tomorrow — smoothly and comprehensively. To do that, we’ve created a powerful, fully integrated turnkey information management system that is so simple and intuitively designed, the average end user really can learn to use it within minutes. But our mission wouldn’t be complete without providing you with a support network every bit as intelligent and dedicated as the development process that created our best-in-class products in the first place.

Use It or Lose It

On the road to realizing your digital dream office, several preparatory steps are nonnegotiable. First, you have to implement intelligent scanning solutions, such as Drivve | Image, that let you to create custom workflows for each of your scan-related jobs. Second, get integrated. By integrating your input devices with existing informational assets such as databases/ERP/CRM/Fax and Exchange Servers, your document management is poised to really get flowing. Third, employ intelligent filename generation, which gets your company info seriously organized for every single future search and retrieval. When do you need to find your documents? Now! And finally, seek out tools that let you use your relevant existing data as metadata, as index values, which makes not only quick retrieval but true organization a reality. Mastery of this metadata information defines the difference between entirely unstructured and perfectly structured data, the difference between losing or using your most precious asset.

Break the Speed Limit, Not the Law

Only by optimally structuring and securing your data will you fulfill both your organizational needs and your legal obligations. Today, there’s a trend toward even greater compliance as our industry redefines what transparency and accountability mean in an electronic era. To help you maintain the integrity and security of your company data and its processes, Drivve’s approach to facilitating best practices includes exceptional ease of use, standardized and highly efficient processes, and foolproof security measures. We’re dedicated to ensuring that all your information is effectively managed and on the up-and-up.

Way Into It

Usability: amazingly powerful yet simple to operate. This sums up the winning strategy of Team Drivve. We want to be the company renowned for its high dedication to user experience at every level of your DM operations, front to back, from clean interface design principles all the way to rock-solid, cutting-edge technology. And we’ve got the experience, smarts, creativity, patience, and team spirit to achieve it. These are just a few of the distinguishing attributes of the people who develop the Drivve line of products and those who are always ready to serve our customers. And perhaps nothing can quite convey the depth of the Drivve drive than this: We're way into what we do. (We really are.)


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