We at Drivve have developed the perfect Ecosystem of innovative, award-winning software solutions for document-bound business processes, to electronically manage your documents in one integrated solution - from their reception at your company all the way to their destruction after many years.

The information, contained in your documents, will be efficiently captured, systematically archived, organized and kept available at all times. And along the way we even protect your documents against unauthorized access and comply with all the applicable archiving regulations.

Drivve solutions optimize the complete document lifecycle, from capture and processing, over document and workflow management as well as usage of the contained information in a knowledge base, all the way to print and output management.

We at Drivve are users of our own products. What we sell to you also runs on our own servers. When we tell you about saving potentials, transparent work processes and available documents at all times – then we know what we are talking about. Experience, competence, honesty and commitment – those are our principles.

Have a look – and you will see, the combination of performance, security, entirety, functions and graphics, strengths and design, that doesn’t exist in this area yet. And that is why Drivve is so special. And that is why you should not just ignore Drivve when it comes to the management of your documents!