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The History of the Drivve Ecosystem

More than a decade ago, Drivve was created with one thing in mind: to create the first truly accessible turnkey document solution to manage your documents from the point of scan, over years of management, to the final archiving for the next 100+ years.

Make your organization's "digital dream" come true: A company where you have instant access to all of your documents whenever you need to get to them. A solution simple yet incredibly powerful, and of course effortless to use.

Today Drivve offers an ecosystem of innovative, award-winning software solutions and services that streamline and improve document intensive business processes

Drivve solutions optimize the entire document lifecycle, from image capture and processing, to document management and workflow, to print and output management, and everything in between.

What’s Special about Drivve?

Drivve has no trouble spots, doesn’t break down and whatever happens around you, your documents stay where they belong. On top of it, Drivve looks good, is fast, and fun.

Take a look at the software - you'll see a combination of performance, security, functionality and design that‘s new to the market. That‘s why Drivve is something special and is worth giving it a try when it comes to managing your documents!


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